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Our social media marketing services give end-to-end capacity to help you reach your objectives, whether you want to raise brand recognition, enhance consumer interaction, generate more sales, or acquire new customers.

With a data-driven emphasis and creative that converts, our campaigns will connect, fascinate, and engage your target audience. We do this through gaining a thorough grasp of your brand and target audience, as well as matching each piece to your aims and objectives.

Our social media advertising and management services make use of hyper-targeted social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as other channels. Our unique and personalised strategy enables us to interact with your audience throughout the short, medium, and long term while staying within your marketing budget and investment parameters.

brand? It offers strategic and tactical capabilities, as well as an end-to-end managed solution that integrates seamlessly with your company and team.

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Our experience in social media


We can build a social media marketing strategy and plan for your company, or we can assess and audit your current approach
Our campaign audit and review can help you examine your existing marketing success by providing clarity and insights. For each step of the consumer journey, our social strategists will translate the technical into actionable actions. This may contain things like content calendars and scheduling, as well as critical deliverables and campaign milestone suggestions.
Your goals, objectives, and timetable considerations will be captured throughout our exploration meetings, allowing us to design a strategic roadmap for your business.


Our social media advertising is a fully managed solution that makes use of social media platforms and channels to hyper target your audience in order to reach primary goals such as:

  • Increasing brand recognition
  • generating interest and engagement
  • Increasing the number of sales, inquiries, and leads
  • Improving brand recognition and loyalty

Our social advertising initiatives provide a complete package. To develop, execute, and manage your campaign, our strategists collaborate with our technical and creative teams. All of our Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, and LinkedIn Ad campaigns are account managed by social media experts in Iraq who give performance reporting, consulting, and support.


Our creative service offers your company with design and creative capabilities. If necessary, we will collaborate closely with your own team(s) or give creative assistance and capabilities. Our creative and design team will adhere to any brand standards you may have, including voice and tone, images, and any other specifications you may have.
At each point of the customer journey, our appealing creative design will guarantee that your audience is successfully targeted. Our creation will make an unforgettable impact on your audience, whether it's brand recognition or captivating creative to promote sales and enquires.
Professional design, such as image creation, ad copy and sales copy, basic website and blog copywriting, and more are all part of our creative service.

We are familiar with your users journey

  1. 1 Brand Awareness: For the first time, your brand is presented to your target audience. Building is the process of establishing first brand awareness and exposure to a whole new audience.
  2. 2 Interest: Your target audience is already acquainted with your brand, therefore the idea is to pique their interest by establishing and fostering a tighter connection, familiarity, and affinity with it.
  3. 3 Consideration: At this point, your audience is debating whether or not to make a purchase or take a certain action. At this point, the message shifts to a more direct and explicit call to action.
  4. 4 Action: Your audience has taken a step toward becoming a customer, client, or completing a task. This may be an online purchase, an inquiry form submission, or setting up a meeting/appointment for your services, depending on your company model.

Our ad platforms on social media


Facebook is one of the most targeted kinds of advertising online, with billions of monthly sessions and over 80% of Internet users on the network.


With over 30% of Instagram users utilizing the platform to make an online purchase, the platform is assisting businesses in driving millions of product sales each month.


For video advertising, YouTube delivers fantastic tools and best-in-class solutions, with capabilities to assist your aims and objectives, from boosting awareness to direct conversions.


LinkedIn is the most successful medium for B2B marketing efficacy in terms of brand exposure, traffic, and lead generation. Four out of every five LinkedIn users are in charge of making business choices for their company.

Eye-Catching social media snippets

Monitorring your social pages

Stand out from the crowd

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Our approach to social media

Only choose what is going to bring you the best engagement and return.

Uniquely designed content that sparks conversation and drives engagement

In a method that maximizes reach while offering you the greatest bang for your money via social ad networks.

We'll take care of everything for you along the road to save you time and keep things running smoothly.

Continue to monitor content and campaign results, fine-tuning and optimizing when necessary.

Common questions we get

What is Social Media Advertising?
Hundreds of millions of individuals across the globe spend hours each day devoted to their social media profiles. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok are just a few of the many platforms available today. With so much attention at their disposal, it has become the ideal vehicle for companies to put their brands in front of prospective consumers. Businesses may utilize sponsored advertisements to display their goods or services on the newsfeeds of their target audiences through social media advertising, which is a kind of digital marketing accessible to them.
Why choose Social Media Advertising for your business?
The largest value accessible is the data collected by social media platforms, given the volume of use they may create from people from all walks of life. If a company takes the effort to map out their target market and understand their ideal consumer, social media advertising may help them communicate directly with them in ways that were previously impossible. This is an avenue of digital marketing capable of producing the best return on investment than any other channel, given the opportunity to apply a budget that is suited for your organization, easy analytics to analyze performance, and rapid, real-time results to enable ongoing modification.
Which social media channel converts best?
The platforms you utilize on social media to convert people into customers aren't nearly as crucial as the method you use to accomplish it. And every solid approach begins with figuring out who you're attempting to reach. For example, you won't employ the same strategies to win over LinkedIn members as you would on Facebook. To provide actual social proof to prospective consumers, it's often necessary to be very active across numerous media. When you engage with Osous Technology's Social Media Advertising team, we take the time to create a clear roadmap for achieving your unique objectives across all accessible channels, concentrating on the activities and efforts that convert the best, rather than the specific channel.
Is Social Media Advertising better than Google Ads?
Both Social Media Advertising and Google Ads are effective ways to bring your brand in front of a focused audience that is eager to interact with your company. The effectiveness of efforts in converting these audiences will be determined by how well they are designed and optimized. While each brand and sector will have variable degrees of success across the available channels, each platform has a role in a well-rounded digital marketing plan and should be used to guarantee that all members of a target audience are appropriately addressed.
Why is Osous Technology the best Social Media Advertising agency in Iraq?
Osous Technology Agency is an Iraqi-owned and controlled company that provides digital services to both big and small enterprises in Iraq. We're situated in Erbil, but we deal with companies all throughout the country, including Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah. To be successful on social media, Advertising entails creating a profile and marketing campaign that consistently beats your competition. It implies providing additional value to your target audience in order to persuade them to stop scrolling through their feed and think about your business. And, given the glut of material accessible on the many social media platforms in use, this may be incredibly challenging. Osous Technology's Social Media Advertising experts take our customers to the next level by creating a service based on research and targeted demographics, identifying when and where your resources should be allocated for the highest return on investment.
How does Social Media Advertising work?
Unlike organic social media marketing, which involves companies using the channels available to them to provide free, useful content in order to engage and increase their following, social media advertising is a more direct strategy that involves a budget. Your capabilities may vary depending on the platform you choose, but audience research and targeting will be one of the primary features you'll have access to. After you've built your social media ad, you'll be able to leverage the information gathered on that platform to guarantee that it reaches your target audience, based on demographics like where they reside, their hobbies, and their previous interactions with other companies. Businesses are only compensated when someone clicks on their ad via social advertisements, which is known as a pay-per-click (PPC) model.
How much does a Social Media Advertising campaign cost?
Rather than asking how much a Social Media Advertising campaign costs, you should assess your objectives against your financial resources. The pay-per-click (PPC) approach means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, but the resources you put behind it might vary based on your industry's competitiveness and the audience you're trying to reach. It is considerably more practical to put your investment into perspective by first defining what you want to accomplish, how soon you need to do it, then allocating the necessary resources to your campaign to make it a reality. The improvement of your Social Media Advertising strategies will lead to success. When you're just starting out, it might be difficult to figure out how to optimize your campaigns so that you spend less money to gain consumers or quality leads.
How to select an agency to manage my Social Media Advertising?
Organic social media marketing might seem to be a safe bet since all you have to do is put in the effort to see results. Moving into paid advertising across numerous social media platforms might be intimidating, since you'll have to commit more resources in the future in order to get a greater return on investment. That is why partnering with a Social Media Advertising firm that understands how to produce results is so important. If you're having trouble finding the perfect agency for you, look for one that starts by developing a custom Social Media Advertising strategy for your company and objectives — there are far too many cookie-cutter solutions out there that won't get you the results you want. You'll also want an agency that is transparent about how they assess performance. There is no place for speculation when you spend your resources in any type of advertising, therefore you should obtain clear, regular, and totally transparent reports indicating a return on investment from your campaigns. The key is to do your homework and work with an agency you can trust to bring your company in front of a target audience that is eager to buy your goods or services.
What are common issues with Social Media Advertising?
When a good plan is developed on top of a target audience and clear goal setting, social media advertising performs best. Campaigns without a defined objective or direction, as well as finances and resources lost by going too wide in their approach, are common causes of problems. The abundance of data acquired by the platforms is the fundamental skill and benefit underlying Social Media Advertising, enabling firms to target their customers with more success than ever before. Unfortunately, many people believe that focusing on a certain specialization would restrict their potential, so they choose to cast a broader net. This essentially wastes the money you put into your advertising on people who aren't interested in converting. Maintain a laser-like focus on your target consumers to guarantee that every dollar is put to good use converting engaged clients.
Does your business need to be on social media?
The answer is most likely yes if you want to keep your present audience engaged and excited; if you want to reach out to new audiences; or if you want to strengthen your employer brand, among many other things. Oh, and we're willing to bet your opponent is already doing this through social media. If they aren't, then developing a concentrated social media plan will provide you an even greater competitive edge. If you use social media correctly, you'll receive more likes, as well as more visitors to your website, which we'll assist convert into customers. Please contact us for additional information.
How does the journey start? What does it look like?
This is dependent on your requirements. And it's for this reason that we take the time to learn about your company and its goals. Because we have experience with a wide range of difficulties, brands, and industries, we are well-positioned to customise our services to your unique needs. In general, we'd start with a social media strategy meeting to discuss what you're attempting to accomplish and how social media may assist. This will very certainly lead to a "audit" of what you (and your rivals) are doing and how things may be improved. We develop and agree on a findings document as well as a plan paper, and then we're gone. It's a bit more in-depth than it seems.
Why let Osous Technology manage your social media channels?
The truth is that doing this correctly is really crucial. We also have the skills and resources necessary to ensure that your campaigns are handled in a manner that maximizes your return on investment. We have an award-winning team of Iraq social media marketers that have the knowledge and expertise to take your online presence to the next level. To guarantee that our customers get the service they need, we are always refining our approach and learning. We take pleasure in our ability to apply our social media expertise to any business difficulty you may be facing.

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