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We turn technical knowledge into quantifiable, real-world outcomes that go well beyond the standard SEO agency strategy of keywords and organic search rankings. We evaluate our performance based on the most important measures, such as your business's growth and success.
Our unique strategy and methodology guarantees that your business goals and objectives are aligned, resulting in organic performance and success online.

Our concept is quite simple. We think that digital success begins with a vision, a strategy, and the skill and dedication of a partner who can put it all together.
We're not your typical SEO company; we're data-driven and driven by enthusiasm. Our Iraq SEO strategists and campaign professionals will work with you to provide superior digital capacity, campaign management, and performance.

Our main focus on-page

The word "on-page" is used by a seo optimization company to describe the features of a website. Content, architecture, and code are examples of these. For search engine visibility, performance criteria include speed, security, and code structure. These elements play a role in SEO strategy and are what an SEO firm will strive to improve.


Is some of the most important ranking elements. When we speak about content, we're talking about things like quality, distinctiveness, originality, content richness, and keyword inclusion.


We refer to website architecture when we talk about how your site is built. This covers things like speed, security, and mobile responsiveness (smartphones & tablets). It also relates to URL structure, as well as the use of redirects and canonicals according to best practices.


This is the code that allows web browsers to interact with websites and allows search engines to interpret and identify items on a website. Titles, descriptions, organization, and headers are all examples of this.

The focus of Off-page strategy

The phrase "off-page" is used by an SEO business to refer to the website's external components. Backlinks are an example of a component that is normally beyond of a webmaster's control. Backlinks are connections that connect two websites.


The "trust" level is a crucial search engine optimization factor that impacts organic search success. These variables include domain authority (which includes links and shares), as well as user engagement, which refers to how users engage and interact with your website. Finally, there's reputation, which refers to a website's authority in its market.


A "link" from one website to another is what we're talking about when we talk about links. The objective is to get valuable connections, such as those from reputable websites. As a result, domain authority will increase.


This looks at areas like a user's search's country and location. The user experience, or how people interact with the site, is an important factor to consider. This has to do with "intent" of the user and how well a website fits the intent of search queries.

We put the puzzle
pieces together

There are no magic tricks or secrets to SEO success. Our SEO agency services can be compared to a puzzle piece. It is the science and art of aligning core ranking elements and elements. This framework provides a framework to help you achieve short, medium, and long-term success.

Poor organic performance might result when essential ranking variables and components do not align well.

While each of these parts may be evaluated, analyzed, and improved on its own, they must be combined to produce the best outcomes. This strategy presents a scientific and data-driven approach for reaching organic success, similar to how a runner would concentrate on their stride, posture, and breathing while racing.

Our SEO staff will put all of these parts together and recognize that your company is unique. This comprehensive strategy results in long-term performance gains, quantifiable deliverables, and a plan for achieving your digital goals and objectives.

Unlocking local search

Did you know that a location question appears in 30% of all mobile searches, and that 76 percent of people who search on their phones visit a nearby company within a day? Local gives companies with more than just exposure based on their location. Businesses may utilize platforms like Google My Business to improve brand recognition and reputation, as well as provide consumers access to reviews and other vital business information through Google Maps. Don't underestimate the power of local search, as well as the reach and opportunity it may give for online company growth.

Don't forgetabout
local SEO

Local SEO refers to search engine optimization that targets your audience based on your business's location and proximity to their search queries. The method successfully targets local consumers and prospects, making it one of the most cost-effective and productive types of web marketing for your company. Local search is the bedrock of every successful online campaign, linking your company, brand, and audience via organic exposure and presence in location-based search results. Are you new to local organic search or seeking for a partner to help you generate more online inquiries, leads, and sales? Osous Technology will work with you to develop a strategy and technical plan for maximizing the potential of local search for your company.

Google my business

Google Maps continues to be underutilised

Google My Business is a fantastic feature that allows business owners to list their businesses online for free. Google Maps is the name given to these search results. These are the results that often show at the top of the organic search results for location-based queries. Unfortunately, being listed is simply the first step; search engine optimization starts when your firm appears for certain search phrases. Google Maps tailors results for users by looking at the user's location and then providing business listings, locations, ratings, and directions. Our staff will optimize your listing and website to increase organic exposure, rankings, and local SEO performance.

The following are some of the advantages:

Google My Business is a free service that helps you increase your internet presence.

Enhances reputation and dependability

Google My Business enhances your search engine optimization.

Provides evaluations of your company from possible consumers and clients.

Allows clients to learn more about your company.

Google My Business allows you to construct a website for your company if you don't already have one.

Increases user engagement and click-through rates on websites.

Increase your online and offline lead and sales generation.

Optimize your website for voice search — The top three Google search results, such as Google Maps, account for 75% of all voice search results

Our SEO Procedure

Understanding your company and your journey is the first step toward digital success. We learn about your company's goals, objectives, and brand during exploration. We go beyond keywords and rankings to create custom campaigns that help you achieve your digital objectives. We compare your SEO and organic performance as your SEO agency, highlighting opportunities and key focus areas.

We'll evaluate your organic search performance, discuss your company goals, talk about your issues and pain points, and come up with a plan that corresponds with your key goals. We give a path for achieving your company objectives and targets by linking the technical to real-world, practical marketing strategies.

Our organic search professionals in Iraq will execute and make technical adjustments to your website during this stage. These are usually adjustments made behind the scenes (back end) that have no impact on the design or user experience of your website. To boost organic search results, we concentrate on basic ranking concepts and follow best-practice on-site recommendations.

Testing, analyzing, monitoring, and reporting are the four main concepts. We monitor and assess projected organic outcomes on a regular basis to see if any modifications or changes are necessary. This allows us to give you with clear and simple campaign information so that you can assess both your and our marketing efforts.

Common questions we get

What is Seo?
Every second, millions of internet users type queries into search engines like Google and Microsoft Bing to discover answers to their questions. SEO refers to the use of tactical techniques along with website updates to entice search engines to rank your company higher on search results pages. The closer your website gets to the top of a search engine's results page, the more traffic it will get. In order for algorithms to determine that you are the most logical response to a user's query, SEO guarantees that your online presence is relevant to your field and filled with authority. This is a never-ending endeavor that needs continual content updates and technological upkeep, such as developing referral connections from other credible industry sites.
How can SEO help my website?
While done correctly, a search campaign may put your website and landing pages in front of your target audience when they are searching for what you have to offer. The average click-through rate for websites at the top of Google's results pages is over 30%, which is ten times greater than the tenth slot. A wise initial investment in the right tactics may therefore complement other content marketing initiatives, including as website content, articles, social media, and more, to help your site rank higher and provide a steady stream of qualified people interested in your brand. This increases brand recognition, attention, consideration, and conversions at a faster pace.
How much does SEO cost?
The cost of a campaign is determined by the amount of investment necessary by you and your agency to meet your objectives. Because each organization is distinct, targeting a variety of keywords and competing in a variety of industry niches, it's important to first establish the breadth of work required and match budgets to those workloads.
Does Osous Technology provide SEO for ecommerce websites?
Absolutely! Because ecommerce websites do not have a physical location to draw foot visitors, they depend primarily on SEO to bring in the bulk of their internet traffic. Osous Technology's experts have unrivaled talent and experience developing online companies via campaigns on a range of ecommerce platforms, including Woocommerce, Magneto, and others!
What is link building?
Building referral links back to your website from those with high authority in Google's view is an important aspect of a successful SEO plan. It all comes down to cultivating relationships: forming a network of bloggers, industry partners, and other respectable websites to aid in the development of your visibility. The way a search engine interprets a link is that if someone with much more authority creates a hyperlink on their website that leads to yours, they must be pointing to another trustworthy source, so increasing your authority by association. To form these relationships that will reward you with results in the future, our team of experts incorporates specialized link building and outreach techniques into your overall SEO plan.
What businesses should use SEO?
Is there a website for your company? If you answered yes, SEO is something you should be doing. There are several levels of investment you can make when developing tactics, but include a search component in your marketing plan is essential if you want to generate consistent monthly traffic and achieve online success. Visitors to your website who are organic (i.e., who did not come through paid advertising) are more likely to provide a higher return on investment for companies, regardless of their size or industry. The idea is to create a campaign that is adaptable and well-maintained.
How do I choose a reliable agency?
SEO and search engines aren't new concepts. Over the years, specialists have done everything to improve their websites' ranking positions, resulting in an intensely competitive business that rewards only the most innovative techniques. If you want to achieve true SEO success, you'll need to work with a company that can not only create these successful techniques, but also maintain them when algorithms and best practice approaches change. To evaluate the depth of potential agencies, always ask questions. Learn how those who may be in charge of your campaign can boost your rankings and attract quality content, even if you aren't an expert. Avoid offers that are just focused on generating links and churning out material. This was no longer useful a decade ago. You want an initial audit/analysis in which the agency takes the time to learn about your objectives and creates a campaign to help you accomplish them. Finally, have a look at how they rate themselves or some of their clientele' outcomes.
How long does it take to rank a website?
SEO is a game of patience and refining, and each company begins at a different point. Fortunately, at Osous Technology, we have proven solutions that provide a flexible, effective strategy to ranking your website — quickly. To uncover your prospects and design a unique approach, we begin with a detailed research to understand everything about your organization, objectives, and current online presence. After we've agreed on the strategy and budget, we'll begin to work on establishing authority in your specialty. Because Google's algorithm takes time to evaluate a website's usefulness, getting you up and ranking might take a steady effort over the following 3, 6, or even 12 months. This may seem to be a long time, but once our team has established significant momentum for your business, the return on investment may be exponential for years to come. Your personal account manager will lead you through each milestone on the roadmap, as well as provide completely transparent campaign data for a clear depiction of return on investment.
Can I do it myself?
Technically, yes. There is no need for a license to run an SEO campaign, and with hundreds of strategies available to boost your search engine rating, there is lots one may do on their own. However, given how the world has gone more online than ever before, and SEO has become so competitive in every area, getting meaningful leads and money on your own might be challenging. SEO specialists experiment and investigate techniques all day, every day, to better websites in the eyes of search engines so that they may be ranked higher. Algorithm changes and best practice techniques are always changing to improve the user experience, and they must be respected and improved (quickly). When it comes to getting the most out of your money, maintaining SEO in-house with a distracted, part-time focus is unlikely to provide the same level of results.
Why is Osous Technology the best SEO company in Iraq?
Osous Technology Agency is an Iraqi-owned and controlled company that provides digital services to both major and small Iraqi enterprises. We're situated in Erbil, but we deal with companies all throughout Iraq, including Erbil, Baghdad, and Sulaymaniyah. The Osous Technology team is made up of industry experts with a lot of knowledge and expertise. We've been in the game from the beginning, seeing how tactics and best practice approaches have developed, and have the ability to implement successful campaigns while being flexible enough to adapt to Google's ever-changing algorithm. And we do it by just employing authorized techniques - we don't put campaigns at danger by adopting strategies that aim to get fast results (and then receive harsh penalties wiping out all potential benefits for the future). We construct the groundwork for a Google-friendly profile, focusing not only on keyword rankings or link development, but also on creating campaigns that provide large quantities of quality visitors to your website. That's why we have a flawless 5.0 rating on Google reviews!

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