Start Your Sales Growth Now Through A Simple And Unique Platform

Mandoob is An application for Medical Reps – is an app that allows your supervisors to present their catalogues, monitor promoters in real-time, generate quick reports. All this on-the-go or during trade shows. Give a better brand image to your company!

  • Monitor your Field Sales Operation in Real Time
  • Centralize all your Sales
    information in one Platform

Promoters tracking & Visits Actions

Know exactly where and when your promoters did their jobs

Record the duration and results of a visit, including survey template answers, and any notes or photos about the visit taken by promoters.

Promoters tracking & Visits Actions

Know how many visits your promoter finished and how many are left.

Assign Plans

Create promotional plans and assign to your promoters.

Supervisors and Zones

Organize regions and promoters under zones of a zone and assign a supervisor on it to track the progress of everything

Customers records

Add new customers and keep track of all the visits and tasks done by your promoter to all the customers

Help your Employees Be More Efficient on-field salse